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"Their number is Legion, their name is Death"

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October 25th, 2008

02:47 pm - Just a random pondering.
1000 points.

Necron Destroyer Lord, Res Orb.
10 x Warriors
10 x Warriors
2 x Monoliths

Keep the Lord, Warriors and one Monolith as far back as possible (monolith to help pull out of combat, provide fire support, etc), and grind the other into the opponents army. 1000 points shouldn't contain much in the way of a threat to a mono, should it?
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June 27th, 2008

03:23 pm - Rules Query
I have just realised that either I am a rather silly Necron player, or the other Necron players I know, are fools!

Spoke to someone at the looked GW store and he pointed out a few things that don't quite make sense to me, I was wondering if anyone here could help out with two queries:

1. We'll Be Back:

I was under the impression that WBB rolls had to be taken at the beginning of your Next turn, some players seem to be pushing that you can leave the models on the field until such time as its more convenient to make the WBB rules. (example: Necron warriors get taken out in turn one, player then decides to attempt WBB at beginning of next 6th turn. Assume the WBB conditions have been maintained). While not a pressing concern for me, this bugs me, anyone know the solution?

2.Gauss Weapons:

This is one that bugs, gauss weapon description says, that on a roll of a 6 to get a wound you get the wound regardless of toughness to strength comparison or Special rules. Saving throws apply as normal. That to me says that if your armour has not been pierced (Example: Necron warrior hits and get a 6 to wound a SM(3+ armour) with a Gauss Flayer str4 ap5), you are still allowed an armour save. Maybe I am being silly here, but the rules (4ed) say that after a wound has been inflicted, you may make a save. Maybe I am crazy and silly maybe not, can anyone help clarify this for me?

Thanks in advance

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November 24th, 2006

06:22 pm - newbie..
Hiya! Just found this community, I suck at introductions so apologies if this sounds like a load of crap :P im a huge nec fan since the chaos androids in Space Cruade and the necs have continously been an inspiration to me throughout the years even as far as going as building a heavy electronic music style around them. Anyway, look forward to talking about everyones favourite robots of death, iv been looking for a friendly community of necron fans for a while :D

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May 20th, 2006

11:24 pm - Throwing caution to the wind!!
My buddy icbhod wants to bring his 2000 points worth of Gray Knights to throw down with the Ancient Evil.

I'm all about experimenting with my lists, so i just threw this together for fun.
My 2000 point list which is named "I Don Like You"

1 Lord: Vod, Res orb, SoL

8 Immortals

8 Immortals

10 Warriors

11 Warriors

4 Destroyers

4 Destroyers

9 Bases of Scarabs w\disruption fields

1 Monolith

3 Heavy destroyers.

As you can see I likes me some Immortals. It's a no-brainer with me T=5, Their weapon is Assault 2, S5, AP 4(?) RANGE = 24". I have each squad supporting a squad of Warriors. The destroyers are on the flanks to cover the ground pounders, and the Heavies are an extension of the Monolith, supporting it. The Scarabs Don't shoot forward off the bat and engage his More powerful units as he's come to expect that. I keep them back as a trouble shooting force. When a buffer needs to be created, they shoot out and put themselves in harm's way so I can adjust the warriors and the immortals provide longer distance cover fire. Destroyers provide alternating cover fire for Warriors, Immortals and the monolith.
May seem a little "Warrior lite" to some and a bit destroyer heavy, but like the title says....I'm throwing caution to the wind.
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May 10th, 2006

02:16 pm - Conversion and Rule check
Got a slight dilemna:
I have a Necron lord with a warscythe but I need a Staff of Light for him and I have no extra parts to make a Staff or any idea how to, does anyone have have any tips on how to make a staff of light??? or at least what to make it from!
(also, it would be preferable if i could still use the warscythe....)

on another note, I would like a bit of clarification on Wraiths, wraithfligh allows them to move like jetbikes, does this also give them the 'turbo-boosters' special rule?

and if a weapon ignores invulnerable saves does a jetbike that has moved more than 18 inches not get a save then?

Thanks in advance

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May 5th, 2006

12:14 am - More news on the next DoW game.
Watch the video

Flayed ones and the Nightbringer.

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May 1st, 2006

10:56 pm - Dark Crusade
More news

The Necron's unique economy model I hope it's something to do with harvesting your enemies, i.e. the more you kill, the more requisition you get.


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March 24th, 2006

08:02 am - Up coming tournament army lists.
I have 1,000pts tournament coming up soon. I'm thinking of fielding one of the following force.

Necron Lord, Resurrection Orb, Gaze of Flames. Total 175pts.

20 Necron Warriors. Total 360pts

20 Necron Warriors. Total 360pts

10 Scarabs. Total 120pts.

Total 995pts.

Necron Lord, Resurrection Orb. Total 160pts.

10 Necron Immortals. Total 280pts.

15 Necron Warriors. Total 270pts.

15 Necron Warriors. Total 270pts.

5 Scarabs. Total 60pts.

Total 1000pts.

The tournament has penalties for taking Troop choices with the minimum of model selection, hence these rather large blocks of Warriors.

As for tactics, easy shoot it till it's dead, if it gets to close use the Scarabs to tie it up for a few turns while the force moves into a better position.

Any thoughts.


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February 27th, 2006

08:44 am - Yesterdays lesson
Necron Warriors squads numbering 20 models are very scary and can fight in combat with the best of them.

I had 2 games with my beloved Necrons against my regular opponents Speed Freaks. won one lost one, so a good day was had by both of us.

The first game I only lost 2 Warriors and 6 Scarab bases, he lost his army, this was then turned around in the 2nd game. I miss judges my distance and moved forward too much and for some reason thought it would be a good idea to hold my Scarabs in reserve to deep strike (goes to bash head against wall).

Here is my list.

Necron Lord, Resurrection Orb 140pts. (goes with Immortals...there's a surprise!)

10 Immortals 280pts.

20 Warriors 360pts.

20 Warriors 360pts.

10 Scarabs, Disruptor Fields 160pts.

4 Destroyers.


A very nice and well balanced force, think I'd drop the Disruptor Fields on the Scarabs and use the 40pts to buy the Necron Lord a Gaze of Flame and Lightning arc.

I played the first game with a slow advance, due to having 2 big squads of Warriors I could keep all units within 6" of the Necron Lords Resurrection orb and still cover a wide frontage. The fire power that is unleashed from 20 Warriors rapid firing within 12" is shocking.

As for combat Due to the sheer number of Warriors involved and a Ressurection Orb nearby it was a grinding match that was in the Necrons favour, that is once thier umbers had been reduced by having their transports reduced to a wreak and taking damge from this. Also the new entagglement allow a second turn of fire to be sent their way before they charge.

So I advise all Necron playesr to try out 2 big squads of Warriors.

Cross posted.
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