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"Their number is Legion, their name is Death"

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February 4th, 2006

08:05 pm - If you've had enough of Gw price hikes.
Do the democratic thing and sign this:


Cross posted in several communities.

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January 10th, 2006

03:16 am - What would you take for this...
I've got the prospect of a 1,000pts Tournament soon, with such a little amount to play with I wondering what to take.
After the compulsory Necron Lord with Resurrection Orb and 2 units of 10 Necron Warriors, half the allowed points have gone. I'm thinking of adding a unit of 10 Immortals and 10 Scarab bases with disruption fields and giving the Lord the Veil of Darkness to this, which comes to 1,000pts. With a phase out at 8, the Necron Lord and Immortals should be able to escape to safety if the enemy gets too powerful and keep the force from phasing out.

What would you take?

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January 8th, 2006

08:38 am - Weekend update
2000 points. Necrons vs Black TemplarsCollapse )

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January 4th, 2006

07:45 am - Howdy, fellow members of the Ancient Evil....
Just wanted to poke my head in and introduce myself. I've been playing warhammer on and off for almost a year. I don't think I would have even started playing 40K were it not for the Necron army. I was at a hobby shop with a friend of mine and fellow 40K player. He was trying to introduce me to the game/hobby/new-form-of-crack. I was skeptical at first, to be sure. I was looking through various codexes when I came across the Necrons. Hmmmmm....they look cool. Fluff is also cool. The MONOLITH! OK, I'll try this thing. Been having fun ever since. I especially like playing our army because it can be a difficult army to win with. It makes victories even sweeter! My buddy, icbhod is a tactically sound Warhammer player and is always a challenge. I have only recently scored a victory over him and acheived 2 or three draws.
I'm happy that a community has been established for our army. Here's to harvesting! Here's to massed gauss flayer fire! Here's to shooting at a land raider with one little warrior and having a chance to blow it up!!

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12:00 am - Ctan and plot development.
Who remembers the snippets of rumours of the following worlds having Necron/C'tan pieces of plot development.

Cadia has what are known as the 'pylons'. Which when completed, will close the Eye of Terror and separate Materium from Immaterium, therefore putting an end to all psychic power in the galaxy. Which seems to indicate that the C'tan had been creating these long before their stasis.

Armageddon had a Necron force appear after the 3rd war for it, which was followed by an Inquisitior as it was found deep in the Jungles killing Orks.

A tomb world where an Adeptus Mechanicus priest went missing in a giant tomb that housed what seemed to be a Necron Titan that was bigger than any titan ever recorded.

The Yngir Monolith near the Tau Empire, Yngir is the Eldar name for Necrons. Also Commander Farsight of the Tau Empire found a giant blade formed from a strange metal and since then has never been the same and lived longer than is normal for his species.

The Talismen's of Vaul have all been destroyed apart from 1 which was driven mad and last seen heading after Ulthwe.

The Hive fleet Leviathan clearltavoids what is known as a Dyson sphere. This is said to be where the Outsider is, just below the Galaxy and that this C'tan has something to do with the Tyranids. His way of robbing the other C'tan of the life energies of the Galaxy, a way of paying back the Deceiver.

These have been hinted at, since then nothing more has come to light. This could be due to their not being a great demand for Necrons, Andy Chambers & Peter Haines leaving GW and this having an effect upon the Development for Necrons or it could simply be GW lke to leave things opened.

Either way the C'tan give GW a huge amount of potential....but it is sadly wasted.

heres hoping that the rumours of a C'tan campaign being true....even if the rumourshave been around since the Codex first came out.

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January 3rd, 2006

12:32 am - Necron tactics.
I’ve been playing with Necrons on and off now for over 3 years now, I thought I'd post up some tactics I use.

Necron Phalanx is the typical game-winning tactic, it is very simple and covered in Codex: Necrons.
The Phalanx has 3 parts that it is centred around.
1. Necron Lord with Resurrection Orb.
2. Necron Monolith to re-roll 1 units we’ll be back roll per turn.
3. 2 solid units of Necron Warriors.
Due to being centred around 3 slow moving objects it has to keep tight, so terrain can be a bigger enemy then the opponent. (Note for players against Necrons, use the terrain to your advantage, try to make the 3 parts of the Phalanx move apart.)
Also the point’s cost of the key elements can be a big issue.
Necron Lord, Resurrection Orb 140pts.
10 Necron Warriors, 180pts.
10 Necron Warriors, 180pts
Necron Monolith, 235pts.
Total 735pts.
So this leaves little to play with in small games. (1,000pts-1,500pts.) The army as it stands also lacks any real punch in combat. Several options are available here, tool up the Necron Lord for assaults, max out the Necron Warrior squads, or invest in some other squad to fill in the role of assault.
One trick is to let the enemy come to you, whittle the units that seem to be a threat down with the over whelming firepower the Necrons have at hand and then counter assault with fast moving units, in this case Wraiths and Scarab Swarms.
The rest of the force that is chosen should be used to provide more fire support to the main body of the Phalanx.
Tomb Spyders provide good mobile support for Necron Warriors; equipped with a particle accelerator they give some well-needed AP weaponry. Plus they can be formidable in combat. Plus they can also help with the ‘We’ll be back’ ability.

As The Necron Lord is vital to the success of the Phalanx it is wise to use an Elite unit as his bodyguard. Necron Immortals and Necron Pariahs can be used for this role to great effect. Both units have the same level of firepower, Pariah make excellent assault troops thanks to their warscythe’s and Pariah special rules. Necron Immortals are more endurable as they have an impressive Toughness 5 and of course the ‘we’ll be back’ special rule.

Now on to non Phalanx tactics that I have tried out.

Missdirection can be a vital tool to the Necrons succes, as the Necrons have a lot of fast troops and those that harness teleporting abilities.

This type of tactic is best used with an apparent static force, that stays back and forces the enemy into a 24” fire fight that most if not all armies can not win against Necrons.
This tactic works even better against forces that excell at close combat as they will more than likely rush forward and leave their rear exposed. As the enemy bears down it is wise to chose targets with great care, direct firepower to units that are seem like they will have numerous attacks in combat and those that contain a lot of power weapons. Thin these units down, and if possible so them down with a line of Scarab swarms. It’s a good idea to have a Necron Lord equiped with the Veil of Darkness assign him to a large unit of your choice (I prefer 10 Immortals due to their assault 2 strength 5 weapons, Ap4.) keep them back so they can’t be assaulted. Use the veil of Darkness to redeploy on the other side of the battlefield and if any troops are available which can move 24” thanks to tubo boosts (Wraiths, Scarabs, Destroyers, etc.) to the same place as the Necron Lord. Plan ahead to have enough troops able to redeploy like this and keep the army from phasing out. Also if the mission being played allows Deep strike use Monoliths to deep strike and get Necron Warriors out of combat using the teleport ability and also re-roll any failed ‘We’ll be back’ rolls.
Flayed ones are also good for this as they can deep strike as well.
If possible use another Scarab swarm as a thin line to protect them as before.
Then with the newly appeared force take out the remaining enemy.

Necron combat army.
I know a lot of people will think I’m mad for suggesting it, but it can be done.
Here’s how.
Take 2 Necron Lords with Resurrection Orbs, Warscythes and Lightning arcs (I may have the name wrong, returnes a strength 3 hit for every wound caused.) Assign them each to a solid core of Warriors, say units of 15-20. 2 units of Flayed ones, 1 unit of Pariah. Deploy the Flayed ones behind the Warriors with the Pariah near by as well so that the 5 units work together.
This is the main assault body of this type of army. One the Warriors are in combat use them to hold the enemy in place, then charge in the Flayed ones, with the Pariah stood close by the enemies Leadership will drop so greater chances of failing test for fighting Flayed ones. Also a Monolith to teleport out of combat 1 unit of warriors if need be, shoot them up with near by fire power and then charge in the Flayed Ones.
Use Scarab swarms to tie up powerful Characters, units that will give you head aches. Wraiths can be used as Character Assassins due to their speed, number of attacks and strength. Use Tomb Spyders with 2 claws to help with the Assaults of the Warrior units. Keep advancing while concentrating the fire power on key targets.

This army works quite well as the Necron Warriors are quite capable in combat due to their resilence, and throw in the Lightning arc and Resurrection Orb.
Plus it will off settle any opponent, as the vast majority of Necron list are shooty.


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