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Throwing caution to the wind!! - "Their number is Legion, their name is Death"

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May 20th, 2006

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11:24 pm - Throwing caution to the wind!!
My buddy icbhod wants to bring his 2000 points worth of Gray Knights to throw down with the Ancient Evil.

I'm all about experimenting with my lists, so i just threw this together for fun.
My 2000 point list which is named "I Don Like You"

1 Lord: Vod, Res orb, SoL

8 Immortals

8 Immortals

10 Warriors

11 Warriors

4 Destroyers

4 Destroyers

9 Bases of Scarabs w\disruption fields

1 Monolith

3 Heavy destroyers.

As you can see I likes me some Immortals. It's a no-brainer with me T=5, Their weapon is Assault 2, S5, AP 4(?) RANGE = 24". I have each squad supporting a squad of Warriors. The destroyers are on the flanks to cover the ground pounders, and the Heavies are an extension of the Monolith, supporting it. The Scarabs Don't shoot forward off the bat and engage his More powerful units as he's come to expect that. I keep them back as a trouble shooting force. When a buffer needs to be created, they shoot out and put themselves in harm's way so I can adjust the warriors and the immortals provide longer distance cover fire. Destroyers provide alternating cover fire for Warriors, Immortals and the monolith.
May seem a little "Warrior lite" to some and a bit destroyer heavy, but like the title says....I'm throwing caution to the wind.
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